How to do Social Impact Assessment ?
Jumat, 9 Oktober 2015 | 06:29
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How to do Social Impact Assessment ?
How to do Social Impact Assessment

Today’s topic would be:

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as baseline information to develop social framework.

As responsible company would say their operation are transparent, accountable and responsible. It is wise that the company conduct SIA to each of their operation providing factual view, baseline information and analysis of community lives in affected areas of company operation.

As for several industries such as mining and plantation, this SIA would help the management very much if it’s conducted prior to company operation. Providing baseline information from culture, economic, education level up to community potential and interest.

This SIA shall be conducted by independent party or consultant, in order to get a factual information eliminating conflict of interest and power abuse syndrome during the process.

As many perhaps already understand how to do this SIA, this link of provide their own standards of SIA.

as one of their description below:

What is Social Impact Assessment?

Social impact assessment (SIA) is a sub-field of the social sciences that is developing a knowledge base to provide a systematic appraisal in advance of the impacts on the day-to-day quality of life of persons and communities whose environment is affected by a proposed project, plan or policy change.

Social impacts (also effects and consequences) refer to changes to individuals and communities due to a proposed action that alters the day-to-day way in which people live, work, play, relate to one another, organize to meet their needs and generally cope as members of society.

Why is Social Impact Assessment Important?

We do social impact assessment to help individuals, communities, as well as government and private sector organizations understand and be able to anticipate the possible social consequences on human populations and communities of proposed project development or policy changes.

When Do We Do Social Impact Assessment?

SIA is done as part of the planning process and therefore alerts the planner and the project proponent (through the social assessor) to the likelihood of social impacts. Like a biological, physical, or economic impact—social impacts have to be pointed out and measured in order to be understood and communicated to the impacted population and decision-makers. Social impact assessment provides a realistic appraisal of possible social ramifications and suggestions for project alternatives and possible mitigation measures.

There is also a link in bahasa in a power point format regarding how to do Social Impact Analysis as below link

Terdapat pula link untuk Tata Cara Melakukan Analisa Dampak Sosial

Kajian Dampak Sosial serta analisa sangat menolong perusahaan atau institusi dalam merencanakan arahan program kerja kelola sosial mereka dan melakukan evaluasi atas kinerja mereka yang dirasakan langsung oleh masyarakat sekitar.

Transparansi dan indenpendensi dalam melakukan kajian ini sangat diperlukan untuk mendapatkan informasi faktual yang tidak bias, untuk itu sangat disarankan untuk tidak dilakukan oleh perusahaan sendiri melainkan oleh konsultan luar.

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