Social Responsibility...?
Jumat, 9 Oktober 2015 | 06:41
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Social Responsibility...?

As we all may read in news paper, watch in television, news channel, radio and internet that our world is now facing several crisis.

Middle east with their awaken-democracy spirit rebel the rulling government who has been rulled for decades..

Japan eart quake and tsunami, with additional of nuclear crisis and economy challenges ahead them as an after shock of their natural dissaster, factories closed, people jobless, poverty will soon be a threat..

While the rest of the world are fighting to green economic with sustainability development as their new point of view and faith.. balancing profit and protecting planet and prospering the people are not easy nor simple.. it takes long debatable effort, commitments and faith towards betterment of our dear live in earth.. our existing as human being, a mojority species on earth.. or for some people on..entire universe..

If we take Corporate Social Responsibility as a topic then we might talked about how the business in Japan response to their crisis, how Tepco mitigate their nuclear crisis..

how Unilever might act with their supplier and vendor in terms of fullfiling their green commitment or how KFC said they would change their oil with rapeseed oil from palm oil.

But with what happend in Japan, in middle east and other crisis all over the world.. I think its about time we ask about "Country Social Responsibility" if a corporate can be consider as a corporate citizenship, then why not a country?

We then could talk about how a country could share some responsibility from what they are doing as a business, as a community that effect to other country as their neighbour.. If we think that then human relief to neighbouring country will be consider as mandatory relief.. beacuse if that country failed to survive then will create a domino effect world wide..

then we further ask about how each country treat their waste management, their carbon footprint, their water and soil..

do they comply with Human rights, with environment management like ISO 14001? etc...

why not bother a country? ... debat them.. why not?

why only hit a corporate when if in some facts government of a country contributes half of their sins? because their in charge with monitoring, license and certain kind of certification that they said has to be comply with..

If a president of a house member vocally support to reduce green house gases provoke their business community and people to concern with carboon foot print, then why not asked them their own track record on carbon foot print? how their country minimize the use of fossil energy? ..etc..

then when its done, we again question, how about our personal social responsibility? to your family, to your neighbour.. to your community.. to your country..

So I guess the bottom line is that:

Social responsibility is not about who doing it? is about how you do it? ...and the most importance thing is every one, every community, every business and every country need to doing it...

Only by then, our dear planet could reach a balance..and sustainbility will achieved.

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