Event & Publication id Effective Stakeholder Engagement Training http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=Effective_Stakeholder_Engagement_Training Selasa, 11 Juli 2017 | 14:07 How sure we are with our approaches to our stakeholder, to our type of engagement? Do we choose the correct type or is there any other way that is more effective? How we can be sure or measure our effectiveness?

If you]]> Semiloka "How to win PROPER award" http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=Semiloka_"How_to_win_PROPER_award" Selasa, 11 Juli 2017 | 13:56 ISORES present seminar & workshop on "How to win PROPER" in upcoming October 2017, located in Pontianak Hotel, West Kalimantan. Please learn through our flyer or contact our registration team at register@isoresid.com or call Bezalel 0813 57547483 or Rini 082125155125

CSR Leadership Award http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=CSR_Leadership_Award Senin, 8 Agustus 2016 | 16:30 CMO Asia organized the 6th Asia Best CSR Practices Award in Pan Pacific Hotel Marina, Singapore last Friday 5th August 2016.

This annual event regularly identify amazing and passionate individual and also highly committed company that match their indicators for several title]]> Leadership Training http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=Leadership_Training Selasa, 7 Juni 2016 | 21:31 ISORES support organization or company to improve capacity of their employees from staff to senior managers to improve their leadership, by identifying their leadership style, understanding the strength and weakness of their style, understanding the sub ordinate character and how to]]> New Kalimantan Office http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=New_Kalimantan_Office Minggu, 10 April 2016 | 22:19 ISORES new Kalimantan Representative Office is now active.

Last April 6th, our representative office for whole Kalimantan region is open and start its operation. Marked with our first regional coordination meeting that day discussing our medium goal and also priority list.

Our priority]]> CSR World Day http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=CSR_World_Day Selasa, 23 Februari 2016 | 23:21 CSR World Day is organized by Blue Dart and CSR World Day organization, locate in Mumbai India.

this two day event from 17-18 February 2016 is their fifth CSR World Day

CSR Training http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=CSR_Training Minggu, 6 Sepember 2015 | 07:47 Corporate Social Responsibility Trainings


ISORES services include Training provider for Corporate Social Responsibility from strategic to implementation, we could assist and modify our module to your needs.

our next training will start in June 2016 for:

- CSR and Sustainability

- Low cost & Effective]]> Stakeholder Engagement http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=Stakeholder_Engagement Minggu, 6 Sepember 2015 | 07:45 Engaging with variety of stakeholders to achieve better result

Appreciation http://www.isoresid.com/berita?id=Appreciation Minggu, 6 Sepember 2015 | 07:44 ISORES acknowledge others achievement in Sustainability and hope it could inspire more people to believe and take the responsibility to initiate what they can..