Industry Standard id Amnesty report on the Great Palm Oil Scandal Kamis, 1 Desember 2016 | 16:30 Amnesty International published their fact findings report title "the great Palm Oil scandal" that you may download from the following link

the report pointed that a human rights or labor rights violation is happening in a certified rspo company.

RSPO has also]]> ISPO Selasa, 7 Juni 2016 | 21:23 ISPO or Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil is a set mandatory standard principles that set by the Plantation Directorate for all Palm Oil company operating in Indonesia.

As this is mandatory to all class 1,2,3 palm oil plantation most of the principles are]]> RSPO P&C Selasa, 7 Juni 2016 | 21:16 RSPO is a multi stakeholder organization for Sustainable Palm Oil, member are variety from Growers, Producers, Processors, supply chain and NGOs in context of Palm Oil sector.


ISORES is supported by expert from environmental, social and business background that has the capacity]]>