Amnesty report on the Great Palm Oil Scandal
Kamis, 1 Desember 2016 | 16:30
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Amnesty report on the Great Palm Oil Scandal

Amnesty International published their fact findings report title "the great Palm Oil scandal" that you may download from the following link

the report pointed that a human rights or labor rights violation is happening in a certified rspo company.

RSPO has also officialy response to Amnesty and will do a necessary verification, which we estimate will increase the standard bar of their P&C implementation, their CB audit quality to ensure that not only that their member is comply but their certification quality is maintain.

ISORES as a sustainability consultant company supported by a pool of experts which include human rights specialist, what we can offer to a company in any industry is to perform a "gap analysis" and "risk impact assessment" to their operation that are correlate to Human Rights aspects.

The identification of this risk impact and gap analysis, are then will help company to develop their strategy and target achievement. A time bond plan on what and when they will fully comply with those human rights challenges currently exist.

shall you interested even just to discuss how we could assist you, please do contact our team through or our program manager

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