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ISORES are supported by experts from variuous Sustainability background, with real field experiences and strong competence in Sustainability areas, including strategic management of overall business and organization.

We design our program and services to match your Sustainability needs, that cover focus of the triple bottom line interest; Profit, Planet and People

We provides services:

Profit:      Business Strategy, Customer Research, Trainings, Coaching

Planet:    Environmental Assessment, Conservation Assessment, Certification Assistance, Consultancy

People:   Capacity Building, Trainings, CSR Strategy, CSR Program, Research & Survey, SIA


And we also able to assist you in your Sustainability Report preparation as per GRI 4.1


Please don’t hesitate to contact us

ISORES provides research or assessment services, such Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Stakeholder Mapping, Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey, Program Performance Index - survey, research on market perspective, research on employee satisfaction, etc

ISORES Training & Capacity Building schedule for 2017 are:

Sept 2017    ISPO & RSPO Integration Seminar

Oct 2017      How to win PROPER award Workshop

Nov 2017     Effective Stakeholder Engagement Training

Please contact our team for further information and registration process at or

Bezalel 081357547483 or

ISORES is supported by various experts and one of our services is to assist your in your Environmental Assessment needs, such as High Conservation Value Assessment, ISPO and RSPO gap assessment, and many more


Our various experts can assist your needs to improve your performance. Through series of business coaching, or customize consultancy services we will be your partner to achieve your success.

This include services to provide advisory to mitigate and manage your sustainability challenges.


ISORES supported by Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist and Assuror, our publication and report services provides assistance to your company or organization needs on publising your activities report, or simple a promotion campaign up to your Sustainability report as per GRI standards.


ISORES helps family to exercise their team spirit and reconnect through series of participative activities wrap in fun and enyoable atmosphere.

The approaches is almost same with team building exercise however the differences is on the customize value we assist the family

ISORES support 7th Community Based Academy and Jember Politeknik on leadership and goal setting training.

This exercise and training is design customizely to assist the management of Community Based Academy to develop strategic document from vision & mission, goals (short, medium and

ISORES provide probono services to assist our targeted marginal community who passed certain criteria to be empowered and facilitated with limited resources.

If you interested to apply as our services beneficiary please send us your brief business information, the challenges you faced

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